Changes To The Certified Public Accounting Exam

The CPA Exam is starting significant changes in 2011. The AICPA significantly altered the content standards outlines to more effectively reflect the genuine workload and duties of recently minted CPAs with one or two many years of experience. The target is to help candidates become more ready for the real jobs that they can be expected to execute after acquiring their license.


To achieve that, the CPA exam is modifying the amount of time of two of the four assessments. Auditing is moving to a four hour test from the existing four . 5 hours while Business Environment and Concepts will proceed to three hours from two . 5. Both Financial Reporting and Rules exams will stay at their current measures. The total duration of all four portions will still total fourteen time.


The existing simulations will go through a change as well. Rather than a simulation with multiple tabs with different tasks covering a related matter, some task-based simulations will be utilized. These “simlets” will be shorter and can cover a far more diverse group of topics.


One of the most important changes in the tests is the changes of the issues covered. While you will see numerous small modifications to the subject areas and their individual weights within the exam, the sole major change is the addition of international accounting specifications. The 2011 tests covers a wide-range of the international issues including International Auditing and Guarantee Criteria, International Ethics Requirements, and the International Federations of Accountants. Job seekers will still need to carefully understand the United Says’ standards.


Some things will remain the same. For instance, people may still only test for eight of the a year in a season. Every third month is a “no-test” month. This can help facilitate faster report reporting, which includes been an extremely big problem about the existing exams. Preferably, this reduces the stressful waiting around times that test-takers now have to withstand. Also keeping the same is the eighteen month pass-window. All examinations must be exceeded within an individual eighteen month period.


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